Great dentist! I’ve been going to see him for over 20 years. I’ve had a lot of cavities when I was younger, and my fillings have lasted some the day he filled them. Does really great work.

I recently had some work done by Dr Goodman and we realized I’ve been coming here for 20 years! Dr Goodman has worked diligently to preserve my teeth over the years despite my genetics and soda drinking habits working against us. Conversely my wife has only had one small cavity in those same 20 plus years so if you are worried about dentists who do seemingly unnecessary work I can tell you Dr Goodman is not that type. I would gladly recommend him to anyone.
– Kyle A.

This is the best dentist, the best hygienists, the best assistants, and the best office people ever! I have been coming here since 2005 or 2006. I had been working in the building and had a toothache. I was thinking, ‘there must be a dentist in here- it is a medical building after all!’
I found Dr. Goodman! He took me in right away, the team was so kind, caring, and unstress making!
Dr. Goodman is so trustworhy. I have never worried if he would not tell me what I needed to know to make a good decision on options for some of my care. He knows when something is a high priority and he is very matter of fact. He is also caring. He is not distracted and is very attentive to the situation at hand.
This office is a get- it -did kind of office but they also have plenty of smiles and the care will calm you, settle you and make you feel confident you are in good hands.
I trust him so much I brought my family here- including my 83 year old mom! Dr. Steven Goodman, DDS is true to his name- he is an extraordinary dentist and a good man! Every person here will be a help to you. You found your dentist.
– Suzy K.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Goodman’s since 2012 when I was told by another dentist that they couldn’t save my tooth and that a bridge would ultimately be needed. Dr. Goodman respectfully disagreed with that opinion and SAVED MY TOOTH! I have had several emergencies since that he has walked me through, step by step. He moves deliberately, articulates every action he takes, and explains why each action is necessary in as simple (or rather, uncomplicated) a manner as is warranted. It is no surprise that his staff is as impeccable as he, and I go in twice a year for my cleanings. Though, I think I’m more of an annoying customer than most, they still make me feel welcome, heard, and valued. You simply cannot ask for a more attentive and caring office. I am looking forward to many more years as their loyal patient.
– Rj W.

I’ve been pretty much scared of the dentist as far as I can remember. From the smell to the treatments! Dr. Goodman’s office is completely different. I felt very comfortable, cared for, and knew I was in an office that pride themselves on honestly and skill!

I would recommend him to anyone and everyone!
– Shelly P.

Great dentist! I’ve been going to see him for over 20 years. I’ve had a lot of cavities when I was younger, and my fillings have lasted some the day he filled them. Does really great work.
– Andrew I.

Wow! A dentist who only does the work you need!! I asked about teeth whitening and he said he could, but I shouldn’t waste the money. He was complete and very gentle. I love that!!! Plus the staff is so sweet and friendly. I won’t put off my cleanings anymore!!
– David G.

I highly recommend Steven Goodman, DDS. He is an excellent dentist. He only does work you need and his hygienists are wonderful. The office manager is great too.

Dr. Goodman accepts the common dental insurance. His prices are reasonable for cash paying patients.

My dental history is complicated. And I admit it, I’m picky. Since moving to Orange County, I tried several different dentists and there was something that didn’t work for me. I am thrilled that I found Dr. Goodman, he is a good man.
– Kate O.

I highly recommend Dr. Goodman. My family and I have been coming to him for years. He’s very experienced and conservative in his approach, so I trust his recommendations implicitly. He will never recommend work that is not absolutely necessary, which I also appreciate. He’s very patient when explaining options so you can be sure you’re making informed decisions. I’ve recommended him to several friends as well and they’ve all been extremely happy with his work. His hygienists are top notch as well. I have extremely sensitive teeth and Monica is always very gentle. We’ve moved out of the area, but we keep him as our dentist-another testimony to his excellent practice.
– Sarah B.

Since moving to CA 10 years ago I went through many dentists before finding Dr. Goodman. In fact, part of the reason my teeth got so bad is because I couldn’t find a good dentist I felt like I could trust and so I just wouldn’t go when I needed to. Dr. Goodman is awesome, he tells you how it is, is fairly priced, and has a top notch staff who are very friendly and pleasant to deal with. Excellent dental practice.
– Melissa H.

Great dentist. He gives you information so you can make an informed decision. Only advises on work that needs to be done. No up sell here! Staff are always accommodating and super friendly.
– Debbi G.

Dr. Goodman is great with my kids and doesn’t tack on unnecessary procedures and things. Katie is great as all the staff is.
– Roberta W.

Great doctor…..doesn’t push unnecessary procedures. Gives you options & allows you to decide course of treatment. I was very happy with the doctor he referred me to for a roor canal. Pleased with the new crown I required & the price of it which was reasonable.
– Lynn V.

I started with Dr. Goodman when I returned from South America in 2006 and from the moment I met him I knew he was the Dentist I wanted and needed. When I moved from Anaheim to Riverside County I thought I would try another Dentist, one that came highly recommended; bad mistake.

I had some work done and had nothing but problems. I went back to Dr. Goodman for a consult and decided then and there that it was well worth the 90 miles round trip to have someone that was professional, skilled and interested more in my health than making a quick buck.

Several years ago I lost my PPO dental insurance and was put on an HMO (not accepted by Dr. Goodman) again I put aside money issues and stuck with Dr. Goodman and paid out-of-pocket even though I had an HMO; I’ve never been sorry.

He’s great, his staff is great and I look forward to seeing them all every 4 months.
– Tom L.

Dr. Goodman has been our family dentist for over 15 years. We always get the best care. We would not think of going elsewhere.
– Ruth M.

Dr Goodman is the very Best Dentist and all persons In the office are wonderful! Monica is an excellent hygienist! Griselda is amazing also! Katie at the desk will make you smile! 13 years of safe and trusted care (and counting) for my family, mom and myself!
– Suzy K.